Citröen Scarves ︎

︎︎︎2019 is the Citroën’s hundred years anniversary.
100 years of avant-garde. Trends. Style. Actually, it has never been just a car brand. It has been a fashion brand. So, we've gathered those 100 years into a collection so iconic as their cars. Citroën Scarves. A collection of scarves inspired by the Citroën’s historical cars. Each scarf brings the car and the brand’s history in it.

CCO: Erh Ray
ECD: Andrea Siqueira
CD: Alexandre Kazuo and Lucas Ribeiro
AD: Alexandre Kazuo, Ligia Fava, Guilherme Possobon, Juliano Brito, Victor Piva and Micael Andrade.
CW:Lucas Ribeiro, Arthur Zambone and Victor Castelo.
EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Thinkers (Rodrigo Maltchique)
AUDIO: Jamute